SOL-M™ Pen Needle

    SOL-M Pen Needles are compatible with insulin pen devices available on the market according to ISO 11608-2, list available on demand.

    SOL-M Pen Needles ensure precise insulin flow, gentle penetration, while also minimising pain perception.


    Product Specification

    Product-CodeDescriptionColor CodeUnits per CaseUnits per Box
    N4200732G x 4mm1200100
    N4200531G x 4mm1200100
    N4200431G x 5mm1200100
    N4200231G x 6mm1200100
    N4200331G x 8mm1200100
    N4200130G x 8mm1200100
    N4200629G x 12.5mm1200100
    Notes: Needle tube length tolerances based on ISO 11608/2


    • 5 different needle lenghts

      For both adult and paediatric patients.
    • With triple-bevel needle

      Minimizes patient discomfort.
    • Lubricated stainless steel needle

      For a better performance.
    • Thin-wall technology (32G-30G)

      Allows higher medication flow.

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