Meet the new Sol-Millennium

We are pleased to officially announce the new Sol-Millennium brand image and corporate identity.

New Sol-Millennium logo and branding

Sol-Millennium is a rapidly emerging company which has proven its value as a significant resource within the global medical device and medical supply marketplaces. The company’s origins reach back over 40 years, and we are now among the world’s leading suppliers of vitally needed, basic patient care devices.  Building on this legacy, many of our most recent products exemplify technological leadership through design creativity which has been recognized by various internationally acclaimed industrial design organizations. And very recently, we have evolved our prior visual form into a fresher look that more accurately portrays our technologically innovative medical products and capabilities.

We are pleased to officially announce the new Sol-Millennium brand image and corporate identity. This next evolution aims to proclaim – in a stronger and more cohesive way – our philosophy, our values and our long-range plans for growth and innovation.  All these capabilities and processes will benefit patients throughout the continuum of care, as well as business partners within the global commercial supply chain.

The vivid tones of orange and green have been chosen to signify elements of our traditions and aspirations. Orange reminds us of the sun which gives energy and life to earth.  Green signifies the earth itself as well as health, growth and sustainability.  Our new brandmark displays a likeness of the sun whose size and power supersedes the smaller earth which is represented in silhouette since only one half is illuminated during its daily rotation.

All these attitudes, concepts and ethics come alive in the following video:


We are changing how we look and how we communicate in order to clearly project our dreams, our plans and our current place in the healthcare community. But our fundamental mission will always remain constant and bright like sunlight: Building a Healthier Tomorrow.

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