SOL-CARE™ Safety Blood Collection Tube Holder Set

SOL-CARE™ Safety Blood Collection Tube Holder Set is a high quality and technologically advanced device. Designed to improve productivity and safety. Minimizes needle stick injuries and exposures to blood during blood collection – both for healthcare professionals and patients.

Holder Compatible with:

• standard and flashback multi-sample needles.

• vacuum blood collection tubes with a diameter of 13 to 16 mm.

Vacuum Activation Tube Retraction technology to capture the needle after blood has been collected.

The safety mechanism is an integral part of the device and doesn’t block the sight of the needle tip.

Activation virtually eliminates exposure to both ends of the contaminated needle, reducing the risk of needlestick injury.

Allows users to keep both hands behind the needle when activating the needle retraction feature.

Complies with OSHA regulations to prevent cross-contamination.

Product Specification

Product-Code Units per Case Units per Box
7001BCD 400 50
Notes: CE marked as Class I non sterile


  • Minimum training requirement

    “Using the yellow activation tube is like adding a blood collection tube”.
  • In-vein retraction

    Effectively reduces the risk of needlestick injuries and blood exposure.
  • Speed of needle retraction

    Lower risk of vein damage.


Follow the link to view a 3D animation exemplifying how the product works.

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