PentaFlush Pre-filled Saline Syringe

Pentaflush Pre-filled Saline Syringe provides ready-to-use saline flush solution for flushing of central and peripheral vascular access device.

  • CRBSIs risk reduction.
  • Bacterial contamination reduction.
  • Medication errors elimination.
  • Disposal reduction.
  • Contact prevention of incompatible medications or fluids.
  • Needlestick injuries avoidance.
  • Streamlining of ward procedures.

Product Specification

Product-Code Description Units per Case Units per Box
060022420 3ml pre-filled syringe 0.9% NaCl 120 30
060022520 5ml pre-filled syringe 0.9% NaCl 120 30
060022620 10ml pre-filled syringe 0.9% NaCl 120 30
060022720 20ml pre-filled syringe 0.9% NaCl 80 20
Notes: PentaFlush is a product of PentaFerte Italia. CE 0123


  • For catheter flushing.

    Catheter patency maintenance.
  • Ready to use.

    Nurse workflow enhancement.
  • External sterile.

    Suitable for use on sterile field.

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