SOL-M™ Oral Dispensing Syringe

For safe oral application of medicine:

  • 3-piece syringes with O-ring.
  • Available capacity: from 1ml to 20ml.
  • Clear scale markings for maximum accuracy.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Special tip design – will not accept luer connector, preventing medication errors and accidental intravenous injections of oral liquids.
  • Amber barrel – designed for light-sensitive drugs, in compliance with United States Pharmacopeia (USP) requirements.
  • Purple plunger – alerts clinician that syringe is for oral use only.
  • Sterile, individual blister.
  • Press-in bottle adapters and tip caps available.

Product Specification

Product-Code Description Color Code Units per Case Units per Box
21001OC 1ml Clear 400 100
21003OC 3ml Clear 400 100
21005OC 5ml Clear 400 100
21010OC 10ml Clear 400 100
21001OP 1ml Purple 400 100
21003OP 3ml Purple 400 100
21005OP 5ml Purple 400 100
21010OP 10ml Purple 400 100
21020OP 20ml Purple 400 50
21001OA 1ml Amber 400 100
21003OA 3ml Amber 400 100
21005OA 5ml Amber 400 100
20010OA 10ml Amber 400 100
Notes: CE 2797


  • User-friendly graduation with millimeters, teaspoons and drops as units of measurement.

  • Protective tip cap

    Allows for safe transportation with no medication spillage.

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